Welcome to Butterflying.co.za website!

We hope you will enjoy browsing through our website, and find a lot of useful information here. We offer a variety of services from butterfly surveys to establishing butterfly domes.

Our goal is to:

1-      Educate people about butterflies, particularly to locals responsible for the sake of the local forest.

2-      To propose to increase the butterfly habitat through planting butterfly host plants in towns, schools, parks, etc.

3-      To use the butterflies as a symbol of unity between the forest and humans.

4-      To demonstrate that butterflies are also another commodity that can have a commercial value.

5-      To bring butterflying to a same level as birding in South Africa.

6-      By doing all the above we will help the increase of the local biodiversity.


Américo N. Bonkewitzz, Ph.D (Zoologist), NQF4



Americo N. Bonkewitzz will be running the next butterfly training course at Futululu Park, at Monzi, near St Lucia.